Nagios – Quick Reference Guide

Download ENUS - English USANagios has achieved great space in the IT market as a solid monitoring tool. With Nagios – Quick Reference Guide you will have on your hand the most commonly used features of Nagios and this will give you full control of your computing environment with the aid of the most powerful features of this essential monitoring tool.

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In this guide are present the main features of Nagios and also some peculiarities hard to remember, as complex syntax and definitions of objects.

“As an instructor of courses on this powerful tool and Nagios user I often encounter situations where I need to use certain settings that I can not remember, so I end up using precious time reading pages of documentation. This quick reference guide has been helpful for me and for my students, my expectation is that it is useful to you too!”


  • System administrators, network administrators, free software enthusiasts, nerds and geeks who care about the most powerful monitoring tool on free software.

35 thoughts on “Nagios – Quick Reference Guide”

  1. good – i think the world needs more of these take-home-messages on Nagios… oh, and maybe the Nagios guys needs them as well ;-)

    ( or maybe i didnt look for them just yet….. )

  2. Nagios is a nice tool, I´ve used as my prefered tool for monitoring many companies more than 7 years. Congratulations Márcio.

  3. Nagios is good but has to be really tuned depending on how many checks/servers you have in your environment. We have thousands and I’ve created many custom checks active/passive. We added NagioSQL which at first was a bit difficult to use but now is way better than logging onto the server and manually checking everything in etc.. Send_Ncsa is awesome too..

  4. Boa noite,

    Moro muito longe do centro de SP, contudo temos uma comunidade grande e fiel em LINUX…Portanto gostaria de convidar você para ministrar o curso de monitoramento NAGIO via EAD. Se houver interesse, por favor avise.

    Aguardo seu retorno.

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